January 6, 2021


Nowhere have we embodied the concept of Trainxperience better than in the SELEC educational module project. Produced as interactive educational modules for an international client – the Southeast European Law Enforcement Center (SELEC) – and based on pre-existing scenarios, we orchestrated an extremely complex production environment. We transformed one of Romania’s important border crossings, as well as ships and buildings, into true film sets. We mobilized actors, costumes, props, specific equipment, vehicles, and special props under tight production schedules. We utilized native American voiceovers and everything else typically encountered on a film set to produce these interactive modules. The result is nothing short of a genuine film, featuring scenarios based on real-life cases that test procedural knowledge and skills. Participants can make decisions that lead to different actions and consequences, evaluating which decisions provide the best solutions to various problems. As a bonus, we introduced gamification to enhance the experience and align it more coherently with educational objectives.

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